Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nail Mail

So, remember how I said I had been bad...and purchased a lot of new polish?'s starting to come in the mail and I kind of wanted to share some with you. Truthfully, I feel really guilty for having purchased as much as I have...but I seriously have like nothing left on my indie polish wish lists now. Also, I think I'm indie'd out now too. I'm placing myself on a serious no-buy...honestly, I don't need to purchase anymore for quite a while!

Well, first up are my new lovelies from Pretty & Polished.

Bayou Blitz, Sand Art, and Hello Dolly
You already got to see Sand Art in action in my previous post here. I hopefully shall have some more "action" shots to show you in the near future.

How gorgeous are they?? So happy the sun decided to show up for literally, the split second it took to take this picture. The weather here has been horrible for taking pictures, but c'est la vie.

Second up are the polishes that came in my second Julep Cinco de Mayo Mystery Box. I received the crystal file and hand scrub that came in the first box, but different polishes.

Left to Right- Gloria, Leah, Vanessa, and Amy

I do need to address something, however. In my first Julep Cinco de Mayo Mystery Box (click to see) 3 of the 4 polishes did not have shrink wrap on my excitement, I overlooked it. In retrospect, I don't know how I feel about this. It honestly skeeves me out a little....but alas, I'll still use them.

Today, I used Leah, Gloria, and Vanessa in a manicure and it is honestly a great example as to why I need to invest in a nail wheel. Ughhh is it a mess! It's wearable and I'll keep it on for a little bit, but if only I had planned my colors better! I'm so frustrated! I won't post the manicure today, but maybe once I get over my annoyance and need a filler post, I'll insert it and you can laugh at it and bring some brightness to your day!

Well, that is all for today. I'll have more nail mail soon enough.

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!


  1. I've started the Maven boxes and sometimes they come shrink wrapped and sometimes not. I thought that was a bit weird. Either they are inconsistent or they were used. Either way, it's not great for a higher end nail lacquer company. I found out the bottles are also hand blown glass which means they are inconsistent as well. I'm not having great luck so far and may discontinue my maven boxes. We shall see.

  2. Oh...I'm glad I wasn't the only one with oddly unwrapped bottles! I don't know how I feel about the inconsistencies...I hope you start having better luck with your Maven boxes!

  3. They just started shrink wrapping the bottles this past month. I've been a Maven since last September, and May is the first month that they ever have had the wrap on them. I think that's because they partnered with Sephora and they also listen to customer feedback.
    Just wanted to let you know so that you don't think that the unshrinked ones are "opened" or anything! I am glad that they have started to improve the packaging though.

    1. Thank you so much for the info! I feel much better about the unwrapped bottles now! Plus, I think it's great the company is listening to their customers. That's wonderful!