Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bad Kitty

So, this past week I had gotten into a very bad habit of doing my nails late at night. I lack decent lighting in most rooms of the house which makes it very difficult for taking nice nail pictures. When I took these pictures and saw them on the camera I was so upset! It looked like the coloring was so wrong and none of the beauty of the polish could be seen. I was cranky because I had to work the next day which meant bad tip wear so if I wanted to retake the pictures, it would still look horrible.
Well, fast-forward a day or two when I finally decide to throw caution to the wind and upload the pictures. Go figure! The images are not nearly as bad as I thought! What a lovely, relieving surprise!
I present to you, Elixir Lacquer Bad Kitty (all shown with 3 layers and a topcoat):

Bad Kitty is gorgeous. It's without a doubt my nail polish soul mate! It's this lovely soft lilac with flashes of blue and purple-pinkishness. It's amazing.

You can check out the Elixir Lacquer store here. There are so many more that I want! I'll definitely get them someday. So beautiful!

Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoyed!

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