Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strawberry Fields and Stamping!

Hi all!
I finally got back around to practicing some nail stamping. I'll be the first to admit that this has always proved difficult for me. I LOVE to look at pictures online of nail stamping successes and I've watched enough tutorials that you think I'd be a pro! Yet, I always struggle with finding a good stamping polish and I just haven't gotten around to purchasing any of the Konad polishes.
Anyway, I decided it was time to stamp again. I wanted something bright and fun and something that was atypical for me. So, I went with a bright color called Strawberry Fields by China Glaze. Can I just say WOW! On its own, this color is a stunner. But I wanted more! So, I grabbed my new bottle if Sinful Colors Rampage, and my Bundle Monster plate (BM 221) and went to town! What do you think?

I like it! I don't like, however, how dry my hands look in these pictures! I used acetone for the first time in forever and now I remember why I stopped in the first place! It dries everything out so quickly! But I will admit, it gets the job done! (that's what she said? ....sorry! I couldn't resist!)

I hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ASBMF Challenge #11- Eggs and Chicks

Ahh....this challenge. I really wasn't looking forward to doing this particular challenge. Why? Well...mostly because it's May and I feel like wearing bright colors and glittery things and eggs and chicks just screams muted colors to me. So, I thought to myself- how can I make this less Eastery....more any time of the year? I came up with the idea of doing a little baby blue bird instead of a baby chicken. I hope that's okay!
For the egg portion, I decided to show it in varying states of breaks.
I think the idea looked better in my head, but I'm IN LOVE with my baby bird!! I wish I had done more!

I was so nervous about drawing my little bird! He came out super cute though!

Tried to make it look like he just broke free from his egg. 

I wish my egg lines had come out better. My hand was shaking so badly today and caused me to smudge them. So frustrating!

For this, I used a base coat of Sinful Colors- Snow Me White, I drew the eggs with SoEasy Stripe Rite in black, the bird was hand drawn with Zoya Yummy, accented with Nubar Blue Hydrangea, and beak and tootsies were done with Essence Mellow Yellow.

I hope you enjoyed!
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Election Day

Happy (Belated) Memorial Day! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I know I did!
I wanted to be sure to do a patriotic manicure for the holiday, as our freedom and the sacrifices made to ensure it, are the reason for the day.
I recently purchased Election Day by Paris Sparkles on Etsy. I'm not sure why, but I expected the glitter to be more vibrant in color. I still love this polish though! It's a subtle take on the patriotic theme! All pictures are 2 coats Election Day, 1 coat Gelous, 1 coat Seche Vite- taken in sunlight.

(This picture was taken on my cell. I was trying something new...
I'll stick to my regular camera from now on ha ha)

You can find Paris Sparkles on ETSY, and on FACEBOOK.

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 25, 2012

ASBMF #10- Butterflies!

This challenge was a series of trial and errors. I initially wanted to do the popular butterfly wing nails but messed up a few time and got so frustrated! So, I took a day off and came back to it. 

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Four Leaf Clover on all nails but my index. Index got 2 coats Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Colors were opposite on my right hand. Butterfly was drawn with a white, purple shimmer, green, and black nail art brushes. Flowers done with dotting tool using Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Color Club Almost Famous.

I feel as though I should have excluded the flowers. I think it would have looked better without them. Your thoughts?

Also, I'm super bummed the true color of the base polishes didn't show up on my camera! Four Leaf Clover is so VIBRANT in person. And Pacific Blue is much deeper in color in person. I tried to fiddle with the color settings but nothing worked well enough. 

Best picture I could get of the butterfly up close.

Hah! Look! My right hand! I had no idea how dry it was until I was editing my pictures! Oops!

I hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading!

Last of the Nail Mail

**Picture Heavy Post***

I just wanted to share with you all the last of my polish splurge (you know, that reason I put myself on a no-buy). These came last week and you've already seen 2 of them in action, but I don't care! You get to see them again!

First up, I have my Enchanted Polishes:

 Cranberry Cosmo, Ocean Potion, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Rear view: Cranberry Cosmo, Ocean Potion, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Ocean Potion macro

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (you've already seen this one on the nail HERE)

Cranberry Cosmo macro

I'm so excited to try these beautiful holographic polishes- especially now that the sun is deciding to come out again!

Next up are the stunning Paris Sparkles polishes:

Crazed, Celery Stalker, Chrome, Election Day

Rear view: Crazed, Celery Stalker, Chrome, Election Day

Election Day macro

Chrome macro

Crazed macro

Celery Stalker maco (this has already been seen on the nail HERE)

Last, but not at all least, I have one from All That Glitters:

!! Hole Hearted !!

Hole Hearted macro

I am super excited to whip up some fun manicures with all of these and truly hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Enchanted polishes can  be found HERE and HERE and HERE.
Paris Sparkles can be found HERE and HERE
All That Glitters can be found HERE and HERE

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

ASBMF #9- Fresh Cut Lawns

So, my idea for this challenge played out better in my head than on my nails. Let me explain. When I think "Fresh Cut Lawns" a few things come to mind, but the most unique thing I thought of while brain storming are the varying blade lines in the grass after it's cut. You know, the ones where the one pass of the mower is dark green, and then the pass next to it is a lighter green:

So I thought this would be neat to do! I'm going to be honest. I was lazy. I rushed. I'm ashamed!
I already had Celery Stalker on my nails HERE, so I got out my nail art brush in green and went to town! 

I think it has potential, but next time, I won't add the nail art 3 days into a polish wear...and actually finish it off with a topcoat.... Oh well! 
I'll definitely do this combination again because I LOVE the ways these colors work together.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Celery Stalker

Can I just say I'm in love with this polish?!

This is 2 coats Celery Stalker by Paris Sparkles. Recently Stacy had a promotion going that you get a free bottle of polish with your order. Well, I had 4 polishes on my YES PLEASE! list and placed my order! Stacy is so sweet and accommodating! Her customer service is top notch!

Celery Stalker is a lovely spring green creme with tons of different colored glitters with a few micro holographic glitter thrown in for good measure! I just enjoy the overall pastel feeling of this polish. I received so many compliments on it at work today!

See the shimmer?! 

Lovely macro of the bottle

All above pictures were taken in sunlight. Nails are 2 coats Celery Stalker, one coat Gelous, and one coat Seche Vite. 2 coats are all you need with this polish. It gave me no trouble at all. Just be sure to follow the directions on the bottle and "Shake well before use".

Be sure to check out the Paris Sparkles shop HERE and the Facebook page HERE.

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ASBMF Challenge #8- Matte Magic!

So, I've been adding to my lovely Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Enchanted Polish. I figured, why ruin a good thing? So...I added Essie's Matte About You topcoat (a topcoat that mattes the color/finish of any polish over which you apply it) and viola!

Even in the sun, the sparkle tries to shine!

This was my first time using a matte topcoat. I actually had to go out and buy one specifically for this challenge! I really like it but this combo was soooo difficult to capture on the camera!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucy & Funhouse

So, Yesterday, I showed you Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Enchanted Polish. Well, for whatever reason, I felt as though I had to do something more to it! I know, I know, I sound crazy! But I was compelled to do something else. First, I thought about attempting some stamping. Now, stamping and I don't always get along. It's one bit of nail art I need more practice with and it was too late at night to even attempt it all.
So, I sat and thought a little. And looked around at my polishes. And there it was! A new polish! One I had not tried yet! One that I just KNEW would look stunning with Lucy! I grabbed DandyNails Funhouse and applied it!

Funhouse is a clear based polish with shredded glitter in a Teal-ish color and Magenta. There's also micro silver glitter thrown in for good measure. I wish my camera had been able to capture how crazy the shine on my nails was! It was super festive- like for a New Years Eve bash!

(click and enlarge the above picture for more detail!)

You can really see the shine!

DandyNails can be found HERE (Facebook) and HERE (Etsy). I love this polish!

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

I finally got my Enchanted Polish order! I had to get me some holographic polishes! They're my most favorite polishes to own and I only had 2 prior to this! I'm absolutely getting more at some point from Enchanted Polish. AMAZING STUFF! I purchased 3 gorgeous polishes and I'm showing you one today!

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is part of her Beatles Collection and the perfect nude holo! I wanted this one because I'll be starting my internship soon and although I'll rock the bright colors like always, I think it'd be nice to bring in some tasteful work appropriate colors too!

See how it's slightly taupe? Much different than the standard silver holo and I'm in love with it! Flawless application in 2 coats! (shown with topcoat of Seche Vite in all photos)

So sparkly!

This above photo shows the color at its truest.

I was thinking that this might be the ideal wedding day color! I've been trying to decide on how I want to wear my nails next May for the wedding (364 days to go until the big day!) and I think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds would be a great choice!

If you would like to purchase some of these polishes, you have a few options. First is the Etsy store (currently closed) HERE. Then there's Llarowe that has recently begun selling Enchanted Polish. HERE you can find the polish (for the most part) in stock. Also, don't forget to like Enchanted Polish's Facebook page HERE to stay up to date on shop openings.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I have for you a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous polish! Whimsical Ideas by Pam's Seuss! Yes, just like the name implies, it is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss! Love that!
The Whimsical Ideas by Pam polishes are among the best indie polishes I have come across! The application is amazing and smooth and removal is easier than most glitters! Not to mention, I never have a problem with bumpy and gritty finishes with the glitter either (even before Gelous use!).

Seuss is a milky bright blue base with red and silver glitters thrown in for good measure. It's such a fun, vibrant, happy polish! I'm so happy I purchased it!

So, without further delay: Seuss (2 coats polish, one coat Gelous, one coat Seche Vite):

All of the above pictures were taken in direct sunlight. Color is fairly accurate, and although it may appear that the nail line is still visible, I assure you it is not in person.

If you would like to peruse some of Pam's other amazing polishes, simply visit her Facebook page, found HERE. To purchase, simply send Pam an e-mail with which polishes you would like to purchase. Her e-mail address is:
She will put you in her que and once she makes her way to your order, she will send you an invoice and you can pay her through PayPal. It was such an easy and painless process! Plus, it was so nice not to have to stalk an Etsy page and hope to God you're able to purchase the polishes you want! With Pam's way of doing things, you're sure to get the ones you want!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!