Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today I have for you a gorgeous polish from Once Upon a Polish called Flounder. I showed you all some bottle shots the other day when I received it in the mail and I couldn't resist trying it out!
I decided to layer it over Orly Sweet Peacock (a stunning metallic blue foil).

Truth be told, this is truly one of the best glitter polishes I have worked with! It went on beautifully in just one coat and wasn't at all gloopy or hard to place! You should have seen me when I was applying it. I kept saying things like "Oh my gosh! No way!Holy crap!"....yeah, I was hilarious.
Also, this was extremely difficult to photograph. This glitter catches every. bit. of. light. Amazing!

Leave it to the thumb picture! My camera seems to enjoy taking detail shots only of my thumb. But yes, this is fairly accurate to how it looks on my nail- particularly the very vivid part at the tip of the nail.

I'm sure this would be just as gorgeous on its own. It is in a slightly blue tinted base from what I could tell so perhaps I will try Flounder on its own next time!

If you would like to check out the Once Upon a Polish Etsy shop, click here. Also, the Facebook page can be found here. There are so many more polishes I want! But I'm on a no buy for a while, so I will content myself with window shopping and drooling for now!

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!



  1. I nominated you! http://beadsnailsfood.blogspot.com/2012/05/versatile-blogger-award.html