Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ASBMF Challenge #7- Glitter Tips

**Warning! Pic-Heavy Post!**

So, big news over here! Basically, I've been bad. Very, very bad. I went on a spree of sorts and purchased quite a bit of polish. In my defense, they've been ones I've wanted for so long and just couldn't afford to purchase!
So with that said, I have 2 AMAZING polished that I used in today's manicure.
I'm sure you've all heard of this little polish named Floam? YES! I was able to snag a bottle of this amazingness- COMPLETELY by accident. I had wandered onto Ninja Polish to simply show my sister Floam, and there it was, right in front of me- IN STOCK! You should have seen how fast my hands flew to get that baby in my cart and purchased!
The second polish is a new one made by Chelsea at Pretty & Polished called Sand Art. I was hugely surprised by how it looked. I hadn't read the fine print on the site that told me the pictures of the polish were washed out and that the colors are actually deeper. No worries, though- it's still super gorgeous!
Both Sand Art and Floam are made up of micro matte glitter and are just fabulous!

Alright, you'll see them both in action in a minute. On to the actual manicure. I wanted a base color that would go nicely with the glitters. I finally decided on Color Club Pucci-Licious. This polish is a blue-toned purple and simply gorgeous. Try as I did, however, I could not capture the right color in the pictures! It kept leaning way more blue. In real life this polish is darker and not nearly as blue.

2 coats of Pucci-Licious with no top-coat

Then, I went and used Floam and Sand Art randomly throughout the tips.

Pinky- Floam
Index- Sand Art
Middle- no idea what I did here...it looks like I accidentally layered them?

Sand Art

Macro Sand Art (sorry for the poor quality- my camera decided not to cooperate)

Macro Floam


If you'd like to purchase Floam, you can check out the Nail-Venturous Etsy Shop (currently on vacation) here. Or, head on over to Ninja Polish and sign up to receive an e-mail notification when they restock here. Or, you can check out her Facebook page here.

To purchase Sand Art, you can check out Pretty & Polished on Etsy here. She's doing a restock tomorrow!! Check out her Facebook here.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed