Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Nail Mail

I had a long and busy day at work today. It was gorgeous outside and I hardly was able to enjoy it! Yet, when I came home, there in the mailbox were some gorgeous lovelies to behold! I HAD to share these!

This post is even more picture heavy than my last one. Oh goodness!

First up are my darlings from Elixir Lacquer. Recently, they had a restock of Bad Kitty and this is a polish I have desperately wanted since I saw a swatch for the first time. I had caught wind of the fact that this might be the last restock of Bad Kitty for quite a while. PLUS, there was a sale on all Elixir Lacquer polishes! All signs pointed to YES-BUY SOME POLISH! I wish I had gotten a few others but I had to limit myself.
In the end, I decided on Bad Kitty and With a K.

With a K & Bad Kitty

How pretty?!

With a K macro

Bad Kitty macro

Next, we have the one polish I purchased from DandyNails. It's called Funhouse and it's beautiful!

Funhouse with a lovely business card!

Macro goodness of Funhouse!

Next, we have my order of one polish from Once Upon a Polish. I truly had such a difficult time choosing just one from this store when she went live with a restock! In the end I chose Flounder (yes, that's right! It's inspired by Flounder from The Little Mermaid). When I opened my package, this is what I saw!

How gorgeous is this?! Love fun touches like this!

 Opening it further! I love the business card! And look what I found when I flipped it over!

Thank you, Kimberly for your personal touches! (and gorgeous polishes!)

Here is Flounder!

Makes me so happy!

Oh these colors are gorgeous together!

Lastly, I received my order from Pam at Whimsical Ideas by Pam. 

I LOVE the packaging!

So pretty! Seuss, I Believe in Fairies, Saturday Morning Cartoons, & Hatched

I love the cards that everyone is adding in their with their shipments! I feel like it adds a little something extra to it all. This is also included:

I am so very happy with these purchases! I cannot wait to use these!
Also, I think my mom and sister were just as excited to see these lovely polishes...they've already put dibs on the ones they want to use first! I think they're being converted into Lacquerheads too!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

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