Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer Challenge #2- Summer Ombre

Oh man do I both love and despise having to do an ombre. First, I love it because it's easy and it's fun and looks super cute when you're done. Second, I dislike them because I need to seriously dig through my polish stash and find enough polishes with which to accomplish a halfway decent ombre. In my last challenge, I did a blue one, seen HERE. I was pretty sure blue was the only color I had enough of in my collection to do this type of manicure and was relieved when that challenge was over.
Enter in the Lazy Days of Summer Challenge....Summer Ombre? Oh poo! "How will I ever do this?" I thought to myself. "I don't have enough of a variety in my polishes to do another one!"

Well, I was wrong. I was very wrong. I do have enough! I was able to pull off a bright neon pinkishness one!

So, I like it. I think I should have rearranged the polish order a bit, but oh well! This is just proof that I really need to swatch my bottles!
Thumb- China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
Index- Color Club Poptastic
Middle- Color Club Warhol
Ring- China Glaze Strawberry Fields
Pinkie- Essence Ultimate Pink

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