Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ocean Potion and Sprouse

Today, I have two amazing polishes for you to see! I decided they needed to be layered and I adore the results! First up, I applied two coats of Enchanted Polish Ocean Potion and stepped out into the sunshine and let my fingers glow!

I just love the random glitter piece I have on my middle finger up there ^. 

Such a gorgeous polish!! But you know me, I need more! So I grabbed my trusty Candeo Colors an aside, things were very amiss with my bottle of Sprouse. I used it one other time HERE...but when I grabbed it today, so much of it was gone!! It was like the clear base evaporated or something...and when I pulled out the brush, it was all shriveled and gross. I shook it all, thinking that might help- it sort of did, but the formula was definitely not the same. I sent Candeo Colors a message about this so we'll see what happens. It was so sad! I LOVE this polish! Yet, I will say, the thicker formula really helped me get more on the nail! It was a little gloopy, but yeah...

Thanks for reading!

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