Friday, June 1, 2012

Abstract, and Ethereal?! An Adventure in Mixing Techniques~

What do abstract, and ethereal both have in common? THIS MANICURE!

See, I enjoyed my last stamping attempt so much that I wanted to try another one! I was feeling extra ambitious so I thought I would do some sponging too! Whoa man!

I knew I wanted to work with my three favorite colors- Blue, Green, and Purple.
I started with a base of Color Club Twiggie. Then sponged on some Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! and Color Club Pucci-Licious. Sorry about the washed out picture quality as compared to other recent pictures. It's gross and overcast today so not much natural lovely light to work with. Oh well.
 Here's a picture of the sponging:

 I feel like these take on a serious abstract- wanna be grunge look! I mean the colors totally negate the grunge vibe, but I think you get what I'm saying?

Alright, next, I picked up my Bundle Monster stamping plate (BM-212) and chose one of the peacock-esque (making up words here, look out!) and stamped it on my nail using Zoya Trixie. I wanted a little sparkle but not too much and Trixie did the trick! Oh, fun fact of the day- I LOVE peacock feathers. The colors, the design, love, love, love them!

So here are some pictures of the finished product.

I don't know if anyone would necessarily agree, but I think Trixie gives this manicure a lovely ethereal feel!

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading!


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