Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lollia Calm

Here is my second installment of my new fragrances!
When I saw this one initially, I knew I didn't even care how it smelled. I needed it because of the bottle. It has peacock feathers on it!! I've mentioned my love of peacock feathers in an earlier post, but I just need to reiterate it!


So, this perfume's description reads as follows:
"Serene meadows of blooming Hyacinth, earthen, rooted, Vetiver and fresh cut Iris. Cooled by setting Citrus sunlight and delicate floral waters."
Description found on this site. 

I just love fragrance descriptions! They always sound beautiful! So, I have to admit that the mention of vetiver worried me a little. It's a scent that is normally found in blends that have a dark, earthen, scary vibe. Not at all the case here, my friends! True story, this one might be my new favorite scent ever and I'm just beyond surprised about it.

When I first applied a dab to my wrist, it smelled really bright and floraly- this scared me because I don't like pure floral. As it dried, I calmed down quite a bit because it smelled very similar to my fiancĂ© after he showers and is all clean and fresh. It was lovely without being masculine though. It's dried an hour on my wrist as I type this and it still has that clean scent to it. It's really very lovely. It's floral without being too strong and I think the vetiver and citrus help to mellow out the brightness of the blossoms. 

I love it! If you would like to purchase this scent, you can go to the Lollia site HERE. I also recommend checking out Skincare by Alana (discounts and free shipping!) HERE.

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed!

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