Monday, June 25, 2012

Elixir Lacquers- With a K

I love this polish! Oh. my. goodness! To me, it doesn't match the picture on the Elixir Lacquers website, nor does it really match the description, but it's completely alright because it's gorgeous!
The description from Elixir Lacquers website says:
"Silver and electric violet holographic micro glitter with violet prismatic hexagon glitter, suspended in a violet jelly base."

To me, on my nail, in the bottle, and in the pictures below, this polish is pink. Not purple, not violet. Maybe it might lean toward a mauve, but it's more in the pink family than anything else. There is scattered holographic glitter throughout which adds this amazing sparkle to the polish. Then, there are bigger chunks of holographic glitter. I can't decide if these chunks are hex or more of a shredded glitter. Maybe more of a mix of both? Eh, it's amazing. I'll stop rambling. These pictures are 3 coats With a K with one coat Seche Vite. 

 Direct Sunlight

 Direct sunlight

 Direct sunlight




I love the sparkle of this polish in the sunlight! My absolute favorite part of this polish, though, would be the larger chunks of glitter. That really makes for an interesting mix!

Hope you enjoyed!

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