Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zoya Back to School BOGO Haul

I received my recent Zoya order yesterday! I always hold out for their awesome promotions to get more of their polish. I'm so happy they did this one! Here are some quick pictures of what I ordered. *I forgot to include the free 2 oz Remove+*

A quick picture of everything (minus the Remove +)

Left to right-  Song, Zuza, Skylar, FeiFei

Left to right- Suri, Elisa, Lotus, Jana

Qtica Shower Gel in Cool Refreshing

I was really surprised that Zoya didn't disable their freebies. For a normal, non-promo code order, you get freebies added for spending different amounts of money. I've wanted to try some of their body wash for a while so I'm excited about this! Not to mention, the size is HUGE! I was expecting a tiny 2 oz way! A nice 6 oz here! And it smells minty and delicious!

Did any of you place a BOGO order?

Thanks for reading!

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