Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes- Eye Shadows

Glamour Doll Eyes is a brand of mineral eye shadows and other various makeup goodies that I wanted to try for a while. I finally narrowed my cart size down to 4 eye shadows that I wear daily, and then opted for the 5 sample jar grab bag in which they'll surprise you with whatever they grab. I figured the grab bag would be a great way to get some eye shadow and run the risk of getting something completely out there. I'm more than pleased with EVERYTHING!

I loved all the extra PR goodies I got along with the eye shadows! Here, take a look at it all!


Is that not beautiful?! There's a pamphlet talking about a bunch of lovely things (one being their affiliate program), there's also sticker, business cards, and cards showing shadows from their latest collections.

These are my lovelies!

I opted for the sifter jars. Next time, I won't bother with the sifter. I feel like it's more of a hindrance than anything else, but that's just my opinion.

I'll start by showing you all the eye shadows I chose. All bold words will be descriptions taken from the Glamour Doll Eyes Website

Part of the Blogger Collection

Mackinac- (pronounced mak-in-aw) is mint sea foam green with red sparkle. This color was named and inspired by jessFACE90.

Part of the Blogger Collection

Obscure is a matte greyish taupe with purple undertones. Remember to use a primer with your matte shadows!! This color was named and inspired

 Hot Pants is a light blue with some dark blue undertones.. This color was named by caliprincess04.

Katie's Storm is light to medium gray with a bit of sparkle. This color was named and inspired by saywhatcuteface18.

Swatched over Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer- left to right, Mackinac, Obscure, Hot Pants, Katie's Storm

Loving these four! I've worn Obscure and Katie's Storm so far and they're gorgeous with my blue eyes!

Next up is my grab bag order!

From the Super Shadows Collection
(I can't get over the graphics on all of these!)

Ancestry is a satin white with rich silk gold undertones and sparkle. It's always neat to have a family heirloom, but I don't think a brooch can compare to what Ororo Munroe's family passed down to her; an unlimited ability to control the weather. Step lightly or there could be a downpour in the forecast. 

Boyfriend Sweater is soft grayish brownish color. This color was named by myeyeshadowisodd, which is named after a sweater her old lover Geoff had! 

This next one if from the Circus Collection

Fiji Mermaid - this greenish blue tells the story of a commonly used sideshow act. The Fiji Mermaid is alive and real with with green shimmer undertones, reminiscent of scales. 

Unicorn is a light pink with silver/white sparkle. This color was named by hypergoth

From the Blogger Collection

Super Nova is a matte black with multi-colored shimmers. This color was named and inspired by bowsandcurtseys.

Swatched over Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer, left to right- Ancestry, Boyfriend's Sweater, Fiji Mermaid, Unicorn, and Super Nova.

From this set, I've worn Ancestry and Boyfriend's Sweater. Both are gorgeous! All of the shown shadows are soft and nicely pigmented and super duper shimmery (which I love). Super Nova was the only odd ball. It had more of a charcoal texture. I saw it in the pot and immediately though about making it into a nail polish. We'll see!

Jars can be bought with or without the sifter. As I said before, I think I'll go sans sifter next time, but that's just me. Jars go for $6.00, sample jars go for $2.59, and sample baggies go for $1.25.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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