Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flakies- The Best Kind of Love

What's the best kind of love, you might ask? Ah, what a question! In my opinion, a love that is slowly stoked , gradually growing without notice until it erupts in a blaze of glory and passion is the best kind of love. When it comes to flakies and nail polish, I have that kind of love.

When I first saw pictures of flakies and nail polish, I was intrigued. They glowed and were quite beautiful. I bought 2 polishes- Nubar 2010 and Nails Inc. The Wyndham. I tried them over the standard black polish and was less than enthused.

Well, the other night I was hunting for some polish to do a new manicure with and found my 2 lone flakies sitting in the box. I figured I'd give them another go around and try them layered together since I didn't care for them alone. I then reached for Zoya Petra- this muddy plum color that just looks amazing with my skin (dark colors usually look horrible on me for whatever reason, so Petra is like a Holy Grail when it comes to a darker polish). I knew I needed to try these polishes together!

Now, I did not have my camera handy for picture taking and had to make use of my phone's camera. Sorry it's not as clear as normal, but the glowy goodness of the flakies do enough talking to compensate for poor picture quality.

Pictured below are 2 coats of Petra, with 2010 and The Wyndham layered over with top coat to seal it all.


 (indirect sunlight)

(indirect sunlight)

So yeah, I'm super happy I gave flakies another try. It's safe to say I'm hooked!

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading!

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