Sunday, March 25, 2012

Girl on Fire!

So, I went to see the Hunger Games today (finally!) and of course had to do my nails for the occasion! My final ruling on the movie as a whole is that it was always, the books are always better than their movies! Anyway, back to nail polish! I wanted to use some of the China Glaze Hunger Games colors so I began with a base coat of Smoke and Ashes.

This polish is so interesting! It's full of flecks and I can't even tell what the base color really is. It looks black, but then there's times when I feel like it might be a deep green? The flecks flashing colors make it even more difficult, but that's why I love this one!

Here's another shot. You can kind of see the flash in color on my middle and index fingers. And check out the bottle! Whoa baby!

This shot came out so great! You can really see the flecks and colors in this one!

Next, I pulled out my nail art brush and got to work on some flames. Just like Katniss had flames on her nails for the tribute parade (in the book). This is how I pictured them to look. I started with China Glaze Riveting, then after my sister told me it would look so much better if I did this- I added some highlights with China Glaze Champagne Bubbles. I hate to admit it, but that girl was right! The final color-adding step was placing a bit of China Glaze Electrify to add a bit of spark to the design.

I have to admit, this is completely different than my normal go-to colors and I love it!

This is a quick shot of the colors I used. All are China Glaze. From left to right- Smoke and Ashes, Riveting, Champagne Bubbles, and Electrify.

I hope you enjoyed! And may the odds be EVER in your favor (sorry, I had to do it!!).


  1. I wish the flecks in Smoke and Ashes were more visible on the nails :/

    1. I do too! On the nail they sink into obscurity!