Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let it Snow! Challenge #3 Ugly Christmas Sweater

I had this manicure ready for your viewing pleasure for over a week already! Life has a way of throwing many unpleasant things at you that prevent tasks from being completed. My grandparents were in a nasty car accident last week and I've been in the hospital every day visiting and praying. It's been taxing and draining and so very stressful. If you can, please sent prayers and positive thoughts for my grandparents and my mom and uncle (it's their parents who were injured). It's greatly appreciated.

 I have a moment to breathe right now and just really wanted to post this completed challenge. Again, I had to use mostly cellphone pictures. I don't mean to slack like this, but I just need to work with what I have.

This challenge was difficult! It took me 2 or 3 attempts before deciding on this one! Initially I was going to use my stamps but gosh darnit, I SUCK at using them! I scrapped that idea and went with a freehand approach. I used my nail art brushes to complete this design. My idea was to have it look like a crazy knitted or plaid sweater. I showed my sister my nails and said she would want the sweater that looked like them. I guess that's a good sign! 

I used Zoya Trixie, China Glaze Velvet Bow, and China Glaze Holly-Day. The white is an It's So Easy nail art brush.

Thanks for reading!

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