Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Candeo Colors 'Sprouse'

This is one of the first Etsy indie brand polishes I was able to buy. I just think it's the best thing ever that there are people out there mixing up one of a kind glitter and pigment concoctions and starting their own businesses! I feel like it would be a dream job for me! Maybe some day in the future I'll finally perfect my haphazard hobbies like making jewelry and mosaics and make some money with them. Oh, and throw in learning how to make nail polish! ...no big deal, right? HAH!

Sooo...nail polish time! I present to you Candeo Colors Sprouse. This is a clear base polish with some amazing glitter in it! Let's start with a bottle shot!

Is that not amazing, or what? You've got holographic micro glitter that blankets the whole thing! And then there are varying sized hex glitters in a royal blue, white, and black. Lovely!

As this is a clear based polish, I needed to decide on a base color. I had just bought some new Essence colors and they were staring at me and screaming pick me! pick me! I ultimately decided on Essence You Belong to Me- a lovely muted sea green color. 

Pictured above are two coats of You Belong to Me and 2 coats of Sprouse. Sprouse went on the nail beautifully! The glitter for the most part was easy to get out of the bottle and on to the nail. I did keep the bottle upside down before using, so that could have been influential to the glitter application. 


I seriously am liking this polish. It can truly be layered over any colored base- it's so versatile! If you'd like to purchase your own, you can find the Etsy shop here. They are currently closed, but should hopefully be open again soon. In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook page here. I can't wait to purchase a few more of these gorgeous glitters!

Thanks for reading!